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  • Welcome to T-Power

    The T-Power power plant, the first major investment new player in Belgium, produces 425MW of electricity at efficiency in excess of 58%. The power station uses natural gas and produces far less CO2 than the older traditional fossil fired power stations. 

    A modern clean power station, like the one here at T-Power, is in a position now to replace the more polluting older power stations with this new clean energy, and hence contribute to the long term targets concerning CO2 and climate change.


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    Mr. Richard Snow, the CEO of T-Power N.V.

    Financed and procured in the midst of a grim financial crisis, T-Power is the first major independent power production (IPP) project in Belgium. T-Power is one of the most efficient plants in Europe with more than 58 percent efficiency, making it more environmentally compatible than most other fossil fuel power stations.

    T-Power and RWE Supply and Trading Switzerland S.A have agreed on 15-year tolling agreement in order to purchase T-Power’s entire electricity output to RWE. For RWE, the plant adds flexibility to its large energy portfolio. The plant’s flexibility ensures that T-Power serves Europe’s energy future – no matter how that may look.

    T-Power looks to maintain high standards in health, safety and environmental performance. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and health of our staff, contractors and neighbours. We take a proactive approach to meet all legal and social obligations and to provide a safe environment for work.

    The flexible, gas-fired T-Power power plant is an important link in RWE's and Essent Belgium power supply to its domestic and business customers.

    Frank Brichau, CEO at Essent

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